Meet Kim

Creative. Londoner. Cat person.



I have a Princess Leia tattoo

Weddings always make me teary

I like taking photos when you are not looking

I collect comics and memorabilia

I shoot polaroid and 35mm film for fun

I have two cats; Flea & Zeppelin

I am film obsessed 

I will beat you at board games

I feel awkward in front of the camera too!

I'm a ninja with my Nikon


My Process

My clients choose me for my candid-style. I like to document and strive to find the moments that no-one else sees. I love to work with couples and get the ever necessary group shots, but I my joy is in the details and quiet moments that you might otherwise miss. I seek out smiles and happy tears! 

I'm London based but willing to travel far and wide, and am always looking for the next adventure. If you are planning something a little different I'd love to hear about it (and can adjust pricing accordingly). 

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