Six Tips for Awesome Wedding Pics

If capturing brilliant pictures of the day is important to you (which it totally should be, right?) then I've got some news for you; it's simple. Let me tell you how...

Practice Makes Perfect

I offer Pre-Wedding shoots as part my photography packages and I would recommend that you use them. If you are feeling especially uncomfortable or nervous about getting couple shots on the day, then this is such a great way of getting a feel for how I work, testing 'poses', finding what does (and doesn't) work for you etc. Getting the piece of mind that when it comes to the day we won't need to spend hours away from your guests, as you'll slip right back into it.

Having a winter wedding and gutted you wont be able to get those shots in your local park with the spring blossoms? Let's shoot in May! Getting married in the countryside but equally feeling a city connection? Let's hit Shoreditch! 


Lighting is Everything

It just is. I am a die hard seeker-of-light and if you want the best out of your wedding photography this will be a huge factor. Natural light is always best, particularly for those gorgeous getting ready shots - so try to find large windows and high ceilings when selecting a venue for the mornings. 

 You may have heard of 'Golden Hour' - the time just before sunset when everything is dreamy - if you want killer shots, then this is the time to plan around! Winter weddings are trickier, as the sun can set as early as 3.30/4pm so think about having an early ceremony to leave time for capturing sunsets and 'formals' in the best light you can.


Ceremony Rules

This is often the biggest blur of the day, so it's super important to capture every moment, every smile, every tear. Fairly often in churches and smaller town halls, the Vicar/Registrant will want the photographer to be glued to one spot - and that's just the way it is. It can be so disappointing to find out on the day that your ceremony will only be captured from one point of view, or that there will be no pictures of you walking down the aisle, so be sure to chat to the right people early on, and notify your photographer of any strict regulations.



The most common 'mistake' I see at weddings is feeling like you have all the time in the world to get ready, and then, suddenly, it's all gone. This can be a great time to play with creative shots of you and your bridal parties, head to the pub for a nerve-calmer, explore the grounds of your venue, or - if you're two for breaking traditions (like me!) - having a 'first look' moment. Make sure you've trialled your hair and make up, have everything you need for the bridal party and, if it's important to you, time to play with some fun shots.

Location, Location, Location

The backdrop is so often what takes your pictures to the next level. If you are getting married in a hampshire barn, it's super likely that we'll be near those breathtaking hills. A London warehouse has usually got a rooftop. An elegant country estate might be adorned with vintage furniture and classic paintings. Let's use it all! I will always visit your location prior to the day to get a feel for the venue and the use of light - and this is a great time to chat ideas for where to hold speeches, take the 'formals' and sneak off for some couple shots too. Bonus points for climbing the hill/warehouse stairs in your wedding choos.

Pin It

How did the world get by before pinterest? More importantly, where did we all get our wedding inspo' from? If there are poses you love, or angles of your venue you must have - pin it and share away. I can't guarantee I'll recreate it, nor that I'd want to, but I'll happily take the inspiration and find a way to make it work for you. 

If there is a certain style you like, find someone with that style. You can't be dissapointed when your fine art photographer hasn't captured the edgy vibe of your Brixton wedding - so do your research and get prepping.


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